Dean Z & Stephanie

Dean Z & Stephanie

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The Dean and Stephanie Zeligman Wedding

  • Dean is from Lancaster, CA & Steph is from Gideon, MO. They reside in Branson, MO
  • They are both entertainers and Steph is also a makeup artist.

Music is one of their biggest passions. It’s one of the things that brought them together as a couple. Together they have two dogs and have a huge love for animals. Dean enjoys graphic design, photography & videography as well as playing in a couple of bands with his brother and new wife. They crave adventure and are often traveling the world for work and pleasure. Steph was a dance teacher for many years and it’s still something she holds dear to her heart. In the summer, Table Rock Lake is their favorite place to hang out. For both, family is most important. Their wedding was beautiful…

Q: What was the wedding date and venue? Stephanie-Z
A: 5.27.15 at Williamsbrooke in Branson, MO

Q: What were your colors and what theme were you going for?
A: Peach, Blush & Cream. It was a rustic, bohemian sort of feel. We love nature so the location was perfect! Our ceremony took place outside and the reception was inside the barn.

Q: Any surprises or problems?
A: There were horrible rain storms all week, even up to the day before our wedding but on our special day, it was perfection.

Q: The pictures are amazing, I love them; who was the photographer?
A: Sheri Holloway was our photographer from start to finish: proposal, engagement, wedding and reception. There’s no one better!

Q: Who was the DJ? wink emoticon
A: Kolmega was our DJ but he was more of the “Master of Ceremonies” because he really set the tone and kept the whole day moving without a hitch! He has a fantastic energy so that naturally rubbed off on our guests. It was a blast!

Q: Did you hire a videographer?
A: Chris Canote was our videographer and I cannot even tell you how amazing it is to have our wedding captured in that way. Everything flies by so fast so to be able to sit down and reminisce is priceless.

Q: Tell us a memorable high-light from the ceremony… 
A: During our ceremony we wanted to honor our families. For me, I’m of Native American descent so we did a butterfly release which is a known Native American tradition. Dean’s father is Jewish so we did the traditional breaking of the glass. During our reception, a beautiful wolf kept coming close to the party and seemed to be watching us. I swear he locked eyes with me! We turned our backs to step inside, he came right up to our table, snatched our bag containing the shattered glass and took off! We have video footage of him running away and us standing there with our mouths wide open! Eventually, the glass was returned by some small miracle and we joked that perhaps we’ll name our first child Wolf if he’s a boy. The Hebrew translation for Wolf is “Zave” which was Dean’s grandfather’s name so it’s definitely a contender! Another cool thing that happened was the horses from the property next door coming right up to us during our post-wedding photos! It was such a perfect day!

*The closest neighbor to venue is a Herschend and I have personally heard he owns an actual wolf so I don’t question the validity of this story. -KK

Q: Since you both are so deeply rooted in music, I know you two were very selective over the music. Can you tell us a little about that?
A: Every song from our ceremony and all the way to our first dance held a special meaning for us. For our first dance, we chose “Let it Be Me” by the Everly Brothers. Every time I hear it, I cry. Happy tears, of course!

Q: Can you share with us the details on your dress and accessories?
A: My dress was a custom design from Amy Taylor in Australia. I had a friend of mine add some special touches & alterations. I wore a flower crown that a woman in Canada made for me, jewelry gifted to me by my husband, the bracelet my mom wore when she married my stepdad, Michael Kors sandals, my favorite turquoise earrings and my grandmothers ring. While everything about my dress was perfect, I really wanted to dance so I changed into something that I could bust a move in! It sounds fancy but everything pretty casual, like us.

I wanted my bridal party, which consisted of 4 girls and 1 boy, to wear something they would wear again. The girls wore cream colored dresses in a style that fit their personality and Tommy wore suspenders per my request. He was the only one willing to wear them! We had everything from wedges to moccasins, cowboy boots and clogs! The boys wore short-sleeved button down shirts with dark blue pants matching Dean’s suit. He looked so handsome! We incorporated our love of music in our reception entrance by having everyone bring in instruments, jamming and dancing to one of our favorite songs!

Q: What about the food?
A: Happy Chef Catering out of Ozark, MO provided us with the southern fare we were looking for and Kim Matrenga made all of our sweet treats. We had a cake to cut and a couple hundred cup cakes. All of the food was delicious!

Q: Did you hire a wedding planner?
A: Sarah Rein was our coordinator and is fantastic at her job! I felt confident that no matter what happened, no matter what obstacle came our way, she would handle it with ease. I was never stressed and really enjoyed the process from start to finish!

Q: I understand you had to let go of your first wedding officiator because you guys didn’t agree with his view on, shall we say, “celebrating diversity.” Who did you hire to take his place?
A: Our officiant, Donna, really embraced who we are as individuals and as a couple and created such a beautiful ceremony for us. We are passionate about marriage equality and she was right on board with us.


Now, for some more personal questions.

Q: Where did you two first meet?
A: Dean and I met while working together in a show called Legends in Concert. He played the role of young Elvis (1950’s) and I was one of the backup singers.

The first thing that attracted me to Dean was his gorgeous smile and sparkling blue eyes. He’s just a handsome guy all around and very charming! Once I got to know him, I realized that he was very kind an incredibly witty. He has this innate ability to see the good in people when no one else does and that’s what he did with me. He saw the person I was underneath all the layers and he really inspired me to become the best version of myself possible. I’m always amazed by his talent. He’s truly a gifted musician and has a good eye for detail.

Q: Who said I love you first?
A: Dean said those three big words first. We were cuddling in my apartment and out of nowhere, whispered in my ear “I love you”. I had been wanting to say it for so long but had not mustered up the courage. As he was leaving that evening, I wrapped my arms around him, kissed his cheek and whispered it back. I think we both cried! We’re pretty passionate and emotional people. Must be the arts

Q: When did you know you wanted to get married?
A: Around 6 months into our relationship we both knew we were in it for the long haul. That didn’t necessarily mean marriage because the love and commitment was there regardless. Two and a half years later, he proposed to me & I bawled like a baby. At that point, it was the happiest moment of my life.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: We take our life together year by year and reassess as we go. If I HAD to say where I envision us in 10 years my answer would be: happy and even more in love with a couple of little Z’s keeping us on our toes!

Q: What lessons have you learned about your new adventure together?
A: I’ve learned that being a wife is more of a gift than I ever thought it would be. I feel blessed and proud to be his wife. The moment I said “I do” it’s like a switch flipped and I felt contentment in a way I had never experienced before.

Q: How has marriage changed you?
A: Marriage has made me more selfless. I still care about myself, but I care for my husband more. He’s my priority now and always.

Q: How has marriage changed you?
A: My advice to other married couples is to never let your disagreements outweigh your love of one another. You and your spouse are a team so remember the bigger picture. Pick your battles, give grace, compromise & communicate. If you want a marriage to last, you must choose love everyday, even when your partner isn’t being loveable. Always remember why you fell in love & why you got married. Hold onto that no matter what.

Q: Any final words for this interview?
A: Being married is AMAZING! I love being Dean’s wife and I am looking forward to where the road leads us.

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