Why Kolmega Productions for your Wedding? 

Sometimes a wedding DJ will take on a bigger responsibility than just providing background ambiance during dinner and party music to dance to for the reception. Often times, at least from my experience, the DJ may take on the role of wedding planner for preparation of a wedding and during the actual wedding itself. For me personally, I feel very confident in this leadership position thanks to working closely with event planning mastermind, Sarah Rein, from Branson Party Rentals & Event Design. I have benefited greatly from her and her excellent staff in a way that has spun off my Kolmega Productions company from just simply, a Branson and Springfield, Missouri wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ, Photography and Video

At first contact with a new client, I like to, right away, make a personal connection and put them at ease as the whole process from beginning to end for the bride and groom can be a fairly stressful and demanding experience. Next, we figure out an estimated cost by finding the DJ start and stop time, (A client is never billed for setup time). This is not always a quick answer since there are variables involved, like also providing the ceremony music in addition to the reception in some instances. Taking on that extra duty as wedding planner also means steering the customer to wedding photographer or wedding videographer, (shout out to Marshal Meadows Photography, Sheri Holloway Photography) and sometimes even help locate a local Branson caterer. Need a dance floor? I can help you locate one of those too!
There is plenty of data to collect to customize your wedding day and reception and sometimes this data changes a few times, so I like to make it known that I am available for a face to face consultation with the bride and groom at some point for added ease. Unlimited phone consultations are welcomed as well.
I send an email of a checklist that helps gather up the more detailed information about the ceremony and/or reception like; the names of people in the wedding party, first dances, etc. All of the information is later turned into a helpful outline of the event. During the actual wedding the timeline is followed pretty tightly but amendments are common and adjustments are made, as well as the order of actions may change. The key is to be flexible and adapt.

Create a Lifetime of Wedding Memories with Kolmega Productions

Wedding ceremonies and receptions are fun and joyous time. I really love being apart of them and helping create lasting memories for not only the bride and groom but everybody that attends. Each one is special and unique but each one is predictable while at the same time, unpredictable. I can honestly say that for the most part all weddings are virtually the same in planning and structure but each one is actually as unique and special as a fingerprint. For a free wedding quote, please give us a call or use our contact form here and let us get started planning the perfect memories for your wedding in Southwest Missouri.

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