Maples and Medley Wedding Interview

Couple: Michael Maples and McKenna Medley
Hometown: Branson, Missouri
Occupation: entrepreneur
Hobbies and Interest: multiple sports
Where did you meet: in my hometown of Branson
Tell us about your first date: I actually don’t know what I would call our first date… She was the girl next door which isn’t such a bad thing 🙂
What attracted you to him/her: Her persistence. I was kind of resistant and out to lunch for a couple of years before we were dating. She consistently loved me no matter what I was doing. When I realized that, I didn’t look back. Even after that, there were rough patches, but she sailed right through them flawlessly. Nobody else could ever do that.
Who said I love you first and what happened: she did. She wrote it in letters and journals, she knew; she is incredible.
When did you know you wanted to get married: when I was tired of trying to achieve life alone. She completed me.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Right now we are all over the place and we love it. We’ll still be all over the place and we’ll be teaching little ones that chasing dreams isn’t just a figure of speech.
How has marriage changed you: it’s a relief. I’ve chosen a direction and there is no more wondering which way to head; now I just go.
What advice do you have for other couples getting married: don’t try to mirror yourselves after what other couples are doing. You’re different than them and the odds are that they aren’t going to work out anyway. For foundational purposes, you can take principles and ideas from what is going on around you, but when it comes to painting the walls of your life you should choose the colors that you like.

“We only got one shot at our wedding night and we weren’t going to risk it not being the best. That’s why we chose Kolmega Productions.” -Michael Maples

Wedding Date: 10/10/15
Ceremony Venue: Home
Reception Venue: Home
Wedding Colors: Colorful
Photographer: Marshall Meadows
How was the DJ ;): When it comes to a DJ in Missouri, there is no other option than Kolmega. We would have paid whatever it took to get him (luckily he was really affordable) or one of the DJ’s that work with him. I’ve see him and his team at enough events to know that they can take any group of people and make them forget about their fears and differences long enough to focus on what they all came to celebrate. We only got one shot at our wedding night and we weren’t going to risk it not being the best. That’s why we chose Kolmega Productions.
Tell us a few things about your special day: (like the weather, funny story, something crazy, or whatever)
Overall, our wedding day was incredible and the best day of our lives. We took a real chance having an outdoor wedding in October with the weather, but it turned out to be 72 and sunny. We were happy to celebrate with our friends and family and I was really happy to see them all having a great time together.

Wedding And Reception Photo Gallery

It was a fantastic wedding and, we think, the images provided by Marshall Meadows captures the moments beautifully.

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